There is a saying,

Show me your friends, and I’ll tell you your future. 

I just heard this a while ago but I couldn’t really object to the statement anyway. It’s dead on.

And if you’re lucky, some of your friendships, just like mine, turned into something beautiful. Because they became a part of your family.

There’s this string, I believe. The strongest one is for your soulmate. I like to think that this string, the strongest of all, is made of beautiful strings of myriad of colours, creating rainbow colours when it’s bright. Why? Because with your destined soulmate, you feel every range of emotions intertwined. Beautiful one, like rainbow.

Then there’s this friendship string. They have different colours. Depending on how your relationship is with the supposed friend. They won’t be as colourful as rainbows, but it will come close if it’s with some of your best friends.

Then it made me wonder. What is it that makes the friendship lasts. Because believe me, I’ve had my share of bad friendship that ended in heartbreaks.

I  came to simple conclusion. The one that lasts is the one where both listen to each other without judgment, and with pure intention to push each other forwards. Be it your soulmate, or your friends.

It may vary for other people, I mean, some would be comfortable in a comfort zone where their friends are there just enough to be a clown, or a substitute. But for me personally, that’s the essence of those who last.

Because we touch each other in every essence of the word. We touch other’s life, as they do us. But those with certain gentleness in the same frequencies as ours, are those who last.

And yeah. Enough rambling about those abstracts thing now. Lol.


I just had a long session of being slapped by words. Not intentionally of course, but I’m listening and thinking too much.

But the gist was…

I was afraid of myself. I always am. Because sometimes, the darkest part of myself is always the hardest to accept. But I mean, seriously, who isn’t a little bit afraid of themselves?

So yeah, this past 4 months or so, I..deliberately yet unknowingly had been giving into those sides. And I willed it into life. Scary, isn’t it. The things that happened when we realised it yet..didn’t fully comprehend it.

And then one sane person will ask, what do you have to do when you realise what happened? The answer is easy. Balancing.

The doing part? Not so easy.

How do we start, you ask. By remembering. By knowing which wolf to feed, by knowing what do you want yourself to be, by knowing that those who loves you, loves you for all of you, and by knowing that gratitude always takes such a big part in being humble. 

And through all this, if you stay, if you fight, if you will it, you’ll be better. Because isn’t that what we’re all hoping for? Making the world a better place, starting from ourselves?


Emotion is a roller coaster inside us.

It flips, turns backward, turns upwards, and upside down. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have mercy.

It’s the voice inside our head, the deafening silence in the middle of the night, the screaming yell at dawn, the voice we carry around.

That simple word, owns us. Own. Such a scary word.

But wholeness, is full of it.



I think, what most people dream of, is simplicity. I mean, if they say they’re too busy, or too tired, or too..anything, what they need is a simple solution to those problems. They won’t go for the complicated route to achieve something.

So yeah, simplicity, is good. But in Charlie Chaplin’s words:

Simplicity is not a simple thing.

Indeed, it is not.

But I have come to see that to achieve simplicity, one needs to open one’s eyes. It’s that simple. Once you see what you have, once you see what you can do, and once you see deep inside yourself, you’ll be able to figure out what it is that you long for.

What it is that you need, versus what it is that you want.
What it is that you have, versus what it is that you dream to have.
What it is that you feel angry about, versus what it is that you love.

What it is that you really, really, want, above all else, instead of following the norms.

I’ve come to learn that my life is so simple.

I’ve come to a point where I couldn’t utter anything else besides ‘I love you‘ to this one specific person because yeah, I do.
I’ve come to a point where I could say no to the thing I don’t need and focus on the thing that I want to achieve and indeed want.
I’ve come to a point where I do know how I want to leave my mark in this world.
I’ve come to a point where I can see clearly what I long for.

As cheesy as all these sound.

So once you shredded all the complicated things surrounding the surface, it’s…easier. Not that it’s gonna be easy, no.


The most cliché title one could give, am I right? Lol.

But if one says being in love equals to being happy, why wouldn’t it be cliché?

Anyway. I’ve been scrolling through this blog and found many definition of love from myself from a different time and space. I like what I’ve written on this one: Love.

And when you found it, you found the perfect one, dream and reality shifted, didn’t it? It became blurry.

As Paulo Coelho said in his book, The Alchemist:

“I love you because the universe conspired to help me find you.”

Well, for me.

Love is a contradictory thing. 
It’s loud when it’s quiet. 
It’s sincere when it’s acted on.
It’s comforting when it’s vibrant.
It’s beautiful when it’s messy.
It’s fleeting when it’s etched in our memories. 

To feel this love, to feel happy every second of every day, to feel that finally everything clicked together, is something worth waiting for.

One of a kind.
Perfect because of all the imperfections.
Beautiful because of all the ordinariness. 
Transparent because of all the stories that made us who we are. 


And I wouldn’t want it any other way.